Transformation     Is Possible Surrender Is Required

Becky Michel

Transformation is Possible Surrender is Required

Transformation Is Possible Surrender Is Required


entrepreneur, Speaker., Coach. Christian, Broker. Wife & Mom

Nine years ago I had something happen to me I like to call my awe moment from God! 1. He showed me I was not being the Becky he created me to be.  2. I was a staunch people pleaser (like not in the good way)! 3. He kindled a incredible fire within that I truly believe was my God giving inspire others to change and overcome life's challenges by sharing my story! 
Since that day eight years ago my dream of impacting the world and changing lives has been a vibrant part of my daily life. I’ve created programs, workshops and tools to help you focus, overcome, and transform your life. I've created guides in various areas such as leadership, self help, financial strategy, stay focused & Win, and coming November 2019 working with my incredible hubby Jeff on a live workshop for engaged & newlywed couples! 
I've always remained a student of personal growth and development. Why? Because I believe it has the power to change us as the unique amazing people God created us to be. Whether or not you are a follower of Christ, the tools I have emplimented in my own life have been life changing and I am beyond thrilled to share them with you! Anyone any age can benefit! life is about to get better then you could ever imagine!

There’s no greater mission for me. There’s no higher goal than to help others realize their significance and potential. Let me help you 
transform your life through one of my programs or workshops! Are you ready for change? Let's go! 

As this website along with my materials, books, and information is for everyone, I only work with women, or with couples a,k my husband together.