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No Fear
No Limits
No Shame
Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles: When the day gets hard, can you keep a good attitude? (Good Attitude Christian Children's Series) (Volume 1) by Becky Michel (2013- Paperback

Oh What a Day

Oh What a Day: How do you handle frustration? Will you choose to keep a good attitude? (Good Attitude Christian Children's Series) (Volume 2) by Becky Michel (2014- Paperback

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Let me ask, how are you doing? 2020 was a year of uncertainty, how do you handle change when you are not the one creating it? 


When we choose to surrender and see our true self it enables us to break down settled beliefs that go with many struggles such as depression, anxiety, mental health issues, or past trauma that binds us in chains of bondage bringing seeds of fear. We then make a choice, to change, surrender, and grow fearlessly or remain stuck.


When we learn how to take small steps and experience growth, it gives us hope as we began to desire that fearless life, and self. Without growth, we can not live consciously aware enough to stop and switch those negatives in order to consistently push through the pain & struggles that can even bring health issues. Are you ready for a change?


Without knowing who we truly are, and choosing transformation then living it on purpose each day, there will be no change. The pain will gradually increase, the reasons why I don't need to change will eventually imprison us and the struggle will become harder. Do you want to let go of the pain, bondage, and heartache that no change and fear come with?. No change = No growth = Fearfully Stuck! Are you ready to develop your own personal fearless growth plan to get your life's wheel of joy flow balanced?


Do you long to live a life without limits, a life of fulfillment, and purposeful meaning? Being that person God created you to be, living as He intended for you too? Then what are you waiting for - Let's start today!