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Fearless Growth

Posted by on April 14, 2020 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Fearless Growth

What is fearless growth? The ability to push through an uneasiness, panic, or situation that holds you back in any area of life preventing advancement, improvement and transformation. For many years I have coached and mentored in the area of personal development. In 2011 God called me to share a message, only I didn't know quite how to. So, I began the process of change, and growth. I remember thinking many times, ok I've got it, I'm on to what God has for me, only to realize, I wasn't. I also had many times when I got so weary of not being able to find clarity, direction, and my way, when truly I just had to go through the process in order to get to that perfect timing. Sometimes God is preparing us, and sometimes He is preparing the heart of others, and both can take quite some time. I remember trying to throw in the towel, many times, telling God, I can't do it, He has the wrong person, I misunderstood...I had many MANY problems, issues, and sin struggles, yet, God faithfully would pick up the calling/vision, and hand it right back to me and nudge me to keep going & keep chasing the calling/dream. So, forward I would march on...waiting, praying, and getting side tracked. When we are able to push through times of trouble, difficulty, wavering faith, laying down a issue then picking it up again and repeating over & over, finding joy in a struggle, and growth in growing pains, rejection, criticism, FEAR, and loneliness, and still come out in the battle running for the end goal...that is fearless growth. That is what every life is about, growing into that person God wants you to be. Are you ready to live a life of purpose? Are you ready to stop negativity and fear? Together let’s grow fearlessly!